What is Decent Work All About?

What is the best work you can do? Well that’s work that benefits you and other people and doesn’t harm anyone in the process. And that is what we call decent work. It’s not always the most glamorous, or the easiest. But it’s always the best thing to be doing.

Well, so much for theory. I like how in theory everything seems crystal clear but when you actually try to do it things looks very different. That’s also the same with decent work. One of the biggest tripping blocks for me is not to be harming anyone. Because when is someone harmed? I like this little scenario to show the dilemma.

Imagine you are trying to follow the principle of not harming anyone. Now, someone walks up to you on the street and says: I need you to give me $100 or I will totally go to pieces right here. I will feel super hurt, insulted and harmed.

You might say that in order not to harm that person you would have to give them the $100. But that doesn’t really make sense right?

So the fact that someone feels or acts harmed is not a good criteria. People often have the strangest expectations and get upset when they are not met. That would open the decent worker to a lot of problems.

So what should we be looking at?

I suggest property rights. But, that’s something for another post. You might have better ideas. If you do, please let us know by going to the contact page.